Don’t Step On A Scale !

Don't Step On A Scale !

So this is a picture I keep on my phone and look at daily and see how far I’ve come …

The first picture is from February I believe before starting “Insanity” a crazy workout video created by Shaun T, it’s pretty insane hence the name Insanity. But the first picture is me working out every other day and by work out I mean (doing little sit-ups before going to bed) eating practically whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. Most importantly NEVER and I repeat NEVER drinking water seriously. I drank nothing but juice, I would drink it every hour to be exact (not even being sarcastic.) Then, I would wonder why am I not getting abs?! or slimming down?! because that’s all I wanted. So it’s safe to say I was not happy with my body at all.

So by March I officially started to take things serious. The second picture is me during the summer after finishing Insanity then doing T25. NO GYM. My eating habits completely changed eating clean ever since, water daily and working out everyday minus Sundays which is the day I stretch. It’s crazy to me the inches I’ve lost by eating clean and working out. It’s true abs are made in the kitchen. Been drinking water every hour and eat 4 to 5 meals a day every three hours.

By the picture you can see inches lost and definition, believe it or not I still weight the same. scales aren’t good at all !! Try avoiding scales, I would always get discouraged every week or so when I stepped on and see I wouldn’t lose nothing. Late on I ditched the scale it did nothing for me. Remember eat clean and exercise it becomes apart of your everyday routine is you put your mind to it. It can be done.

xoxo ….Estivali ❤

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